This is the current Nanowire pricing structure. This is certain to change post-launch as we find a good price balance. All transactions on Nanowire are using Nano, but these are the equivalent values in USD for pricing.

There are no limitations on how much bandwidth you can buy or sell.
10MB 1GB 10GB
Seller of bandwidth $0.005 USD $0.50 USD $5.00 USD
Buyer of bandwidth $0.005 USD $0.50 USD $5.00 USD
Nanowire $0 $0 $0

* Bandwidth is charged per byte transferred.

All deposits into Nanowire for the purchase of bandwidth are done in Nano. See the About page if you would like to learn where you can buy Nano and see a list of crypto currency exchanges. All withdrawals are done into a Nano wallet. See the About page for a good wallet recommendation if you would rather not leave your currency on the Nanowire website.