How it works

The basics


The Nanowire desktop application can be run to earn Nano for you in the background by selling your internet bandwidth. Anyone in the public is free to purchase your bandwidth through Nanowire. We are still working on adding rate-imiting to the protocol, so you may experience a slower connection under high load if you are getting lots of connections. On the other side of that, you have long periods without selling any bandwidth due to the platform being so new. If you are only interested in purchasing bandwidth and not selling, that can be done as well.


The Nanowire desktop application can be used to rent as many proxies as you like simultaneously. Proxies can be thought of as similar to VPNs but they do not route all traffic, only traffic configured to use the proxy. Any application that supports SOCK5 proxies can be used with Nanowire. Since proxying web traffic is a common use case we provide links and instructions showing how to connect your browser to a SOCKS5 proxy.

Fee Structure  

Our fee structure is very loosely defined at the moment as we experiment with the best balance. Expect these values can change at any time. You will be notified of changes if you sign up.

Nanowire: 0% - launch discount, Nanowire's fee will be added post-launch.
Seller of bandwidth: You will earn $0.50 USD per Gigabyte of traffic sold.
Buyer of bandwidth: You will spend $0.50 USD per Gigabyte of traffic purchased.


Nano is a free, fee-less payment currency with instant transfers. It runs on a decentralized network, much like the well known crypto currency Bitcoin. However unlike Bitcoin, Nano has no fees, has transactions that are confirmed on the network in around one second, and has no miners. You can read more about it at the official website. We are not affiliated with Nano foundation in any way, Nano is an open-source platform that anyone can freely use and contribute to. Nano can be bought and sold on many different online exchanges for local currencies like USD, AUD, CAD, etc. You can find a list of these exchanges on the pay page. You can see the current price of Nano at CoinGecko. If you would like to store your Nano on your mobile device, a very popular, well made and fun to use wallet can be found called Natrium. If you would prefer to use an online wallet, look at BrainBlocks.


We believe in being transparent, so we want you to consider the risks. If you are on an internet plan that does not give you unlimited data then you should not sell on this platform, or you will risk going over your data cap. You should be aware that sharing your internet connection comes with risks as some jurisdictions may hold you responsible for what others do on your internet connection. You should ensure you understand the risks involved before using the service as Volatile Technologies Inc. is not liable as per our terms of service for any damages incurred as part of the service. Please be aware this is alpha software, so whilst best efforts were made to ensure the software and service is reliable and bug free, we cannot make any guarantees. We plan on open-sourcing the application code shortly as we continue to evolve Nanowire. In the mean time you can find us on Github at Volatile Technologies Inc.