Sell and buy unused bandwidth

Earn Nano currency in seconds by selling your unused bandwidth, or rent thousands of private proxies and pay using Nano

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Why sell or buy bandwidth

Earn money by selling your unused internet bandwidth, or use a network of proxies for business needs

Sell bandwidth

You are paying for an internet service that is not being fully utilized. Allow Nanowire to forward other internet connections through your connection, for profit. Every 1 GB of bandwidth you sell will earn you $0.50 USD of Nano. This runs securely in the background and earns you free money. Everybody likes free money, that's simple math.

Buy bandwidth

For individuals, buying bandwidth allows you to anonymize your browser and secure your internet connection. For businesses, you can run automated scripts against thousands of different IP addresses all across the globe, allowing practical business opportunities to be realized. See "For software developers" below.

For individuals

Protect yourself online and/or earn Nano currency


Nanowire anonymizes your IP address and encrypts your online connections using the latest TLS 1.3 encryption protocol, providing you peace of mind when using the internet. Nanowire keeps no logs.


Nanowire will periodically prune slow and low-uptime hosts to maintain only high quality uplinks, ensuring your connections are fast and you can enjoy access to the internet free of frustration.


Nanowire allows you the freedom to access content in foreign countries and combat censorship, providing you access to all of the video, social media, music and more across the globe, from anywhere.

For software developers

Here are some cool ways to utilize Nanowire


Automate your online tasks anonymously, such as large amounts of data collection, automatic and precise online purchasing, or for large-reach communication campaigns.


Nanowire lets you create as many asynchronous proxies as you like and gives you a SOCKS5 address for each one, so it easy to plug into applications or the browser. Soon we will also have an API on the desktop client to make it even easier.


Community members offering their bandwidth on Nanowire are rewarded and encouraged to maintain high-uptime and high-speed connections, so your services suffer no interruptions.